Will Homeowners Insurance Covers Pitbulls? (Chesterland, OH)

While pit bulls have gotten a bad rap in recent years, the truth is that they can make loyal and loving pets. However, some homeowners insurance companies will not cover homes with pit bulls due to the perceived aggression of the breed. And this can be a significant problem for pit bull owners making it difficult to find affordable coverage. Pit bull owners can take steps to reduce their risk such as enrolling their dogs in obedience classes. But ultimately, the decision of whether or not to cover pit bulls lies within the insurance company. As a result, pit bull owners may want to consider shopping around for a company willing to provide coverage. These companies typically require that the dog be registered up to date on vaccinations and legally owned. In addition, the homeowner must have a liability policy in place. If the dog injures someone while this coverage may be more expensive than standard homeowners insurance, it can provide peace of mind for those who own a pit bull.

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