Will Homeowners Insurance Cover A Civil Lawsuit? (Chesterland, OH)

With lawsuits becoming more frequent. Over recent years, many homeowners want to know if a home insurance policy provides protection against being sued in a civil proceeding. Now, the answer to this question really depends entirely on the details of your particular insurance policy. While many general home insurance plans offer some amount of liability coverage, the amount of coverage can vary. And it is worth noting that if you’re still paying off your mortgage, your bank may require you to have a certain amount of liability coverage in your policy to make sure that you are fully protected from litigation. It is definitely wise to include at least some liability coverage in your home insurance policy and it’s also a good idea to consider an umbrella policy which will further increase the coverage limits for additional details on how to ensure your home insurance policy provides proper liability protection for you and your family, speak with your insurance agent before making any final policy choices.

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