Who Regulates Annuities? (Chesterland, OH)

If you are going to be spending your hard earned cash buying an annuity, we understand that you want your money to be safe after all. It can be scary when there are negative albeit unfounded stigmas regarding the regulation of annuities. Well, sit back, kick back and relax because we’re here to tell you that state insurance commissioners regulate all annuities. Any licensed seller must comply with capital and financial requirements before being licensed. Additionally, plenty of information and filed complaints are publicly available through the state insurance commissioner. Even better news, variable annuities are federally regulated by the securities and exchange commission and the financial industry regulatory authority. That whole mouthful is the sec and finr a. Of course, anybody selling variable annuities is also required by law to carry a securities license. So you can rest easy knowing your annuities are in safe hands.

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