What’s Changing With My Insurance Now That Fall is Here? – Chesterland OH

Hi, Barb. So the weather’s changing, it’s starting to get colder outside. Is there anything that I should touch base with, with you regarding insurance, or maybe my house, or my car? What do you think?

Barb Luckowski Well, that’s a good question, Carly. What’s changing now that fall has arrived? The big thing with fall are the animals. It’s hunting season, and the deer are running. So you have to really be careful during the evening or early mornings, because you’ll all of a sudden have one deer or maybe three deer cross your path. It’s important that you keep your hands straight on the wheel and you hold tight, and you hit your brakes. You never want to swerve, you don’t ever want to try to miss, because that’s when the worst accident could happen. Make sure your tires have enough tread, and also your brakes have recently been serviced. But that’s a great question, Carly. Thanks for asking.

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