What To Do in the Event of an Accident – Chesterland OH


“Hi, Agent Barb Luczkowski. This is Carlee, and I have a couple of questions for you today regarding auto insurance. What steps should I follow in the event of an accident?”

Barb Luczkowski: “Well when an accident does occur, everyone naturally is a little bit panicky. You know, was it your fault? Was it their fault? Is everybody okay? What we’ve done is we’ve actually put together a brochure that if you go to our website, luczkowskiagency.com, you can print off the little form and stick it right in your glove box or on your visor. So if something does happen, you can grab it. But basically just to go over it with you real quickly, you just want to check to make sure there are no injuries for either party. And if there are, of course, call an ambulance or the police. You want to move your car if it’s any kind of traffic hazard. But what’s most important is that you make sure and you exchange information with the other party, you’ll want to get the driver’s name and also their phone number. Take a picture of their license plate and their driver’s license number and get their insurance carrier and policy number.”

With that information, at least we’ll be able to figure out what the best process is if it’s something you need to file under your own policy or file under the other carrier’s. So many times the police will come and say, “Just tell your insurance company. They’ll be able to take care of it.” Well, we can’t take care of it if you don’t have the information of the other party. And it’s just the date, the time, the location of the accident, the driver’s name, the vehicle type, the insurance policy number, and the police department, and the report number. And then we can definitely get you set in the right direction.”

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