What Liability Limits Should I Have On My Auto Insurance? (Chesterland, OH)

Liability insurance is the only type of car insurance required by law. And for good reason, liability coverage pays for the damage you do when you collide with another automobile. While situations will vary between people of different means. A smart way to gauge the level of liability insurance you should have on your car can be done by looking at car costs. The average cost of a new car is just under $50,000 while not all cars on the road are worth this much. It’s a good minimum for your liability coverage. But what if you’re in an accident and the other person is injured? Medical care is expensive and a car injury can easily generate more than $200,000 in costs to cover both. Consider keeping liability coverage around $250,000. And remember you can always lower your premiums by raising your deductible before making a final choice on how much coverage you need. Consider speaking with an insurance professional about your optimal liability coverage.

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