What is Covered if I’m in an Accident and Someone is Injured or Dies? (Chesterland, OH)

Carlee – Hi Barb. Today’s question: What is covered if I’m in an accident and someone is injured or dies?

Barb – Well, you know, that’s one of the big reasons people have insurance to begin with is to protect against that. So there is personal injury protection under your liability. There’s medical payments for the people in your car. There’s uninsured motors coverage if you’re in an accident and it’s the other person’s fault and they have no coverage or low limits, or if someone is disabled or if someone loses income due to the fact that they’re in a car accident that you hit to someone else. Accidental death benefits, funeral expense coverages and first party benefits. All that is all in the coverages that you purchase under your policy from most carriers.

Carlee – Gotcha. Thanks!

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