What is an Umbrella Policy? – Chesterland OH

Hi, agent Barb Luczkowski. What is an umbrella policy? And do I even need one?

Barb Luczkowski Well, an umbrella policy is a blanket of coverage that goes on top of your existing policies, whether it’s your home, your vehicles, maybe your toys, or a boat. Umbrella, it’s additional coverage that kicks into place if needed. So the big question is, do I need it, or should I have it? Well, that depends on everybody’s situation. And usually, when you accumulate things, it’s a consideration. Or do you have teen drivers? Teen drivers present more exposure. Or perhaps you’re a business owner. Business owners also have more exposure, even to the point, whether it might be just a small business or a professional, like a CPA, attorney, or doctor. And then lastly, assets. Do you have assets that are greater than 250,000? We should definitely have a conversation if you fall into any of these categories. Thanks.

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