What Auto Insurance Limits Should I Have? – Chesterland OH

What limits should I have on my auto insurance?

Well, that’s a great question. We do get that often. No one is really certain exactly how it works. Every state does have what’s called state minimums. That’s where they think everyone might want to begin when they’re a new driver. It’s 25, 50, 25, which really isn’t where you want to be, but that is what’s required by the state. It really depends on your assets. And also, make sure that you have enough coverage if you are in an accident that it covers if you hit one car or maybe multiple cars. Or, if you hit someone and there are injuries. Is it going to be one person in the car with an injury or multiple injuries? So, you really want to have that conversation with your agent. But as a minimum, I would not go below 100, 300, 100 with a new driver. And usually, most homeowners want to be at least the 250, 500, 250 range. But it’s definitely a conversation that you want to have with your agent. That’s a great question, thanks for asking.

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