Should I Get Identity Theft Protection? (Chesterland, OH)

Carlee – Hi, Barb, a lot of people are talking about identity theft and identity protection. What would you recommend to do to protect myself?

Barb – Well, you know, it’s a conversation to have with your agent. Most home policies and renters policies have that as an endorsement that you can add called identity theft. And what is identity theft? It really helps protect and monitor most importantly, so you can catch it in the beginning. It’s a 24 hour, you know, seven day a week protection, which also includes cyber and then it’s reimbursement to help get everything straight. If they do get in and steal anything, it’s deep and dark web monitoring. If your social security number or passwords are out there and you get an update like once a month or once every quarter. And, again, it’s pretty inexpensive, maybe 45 to, you know, 70 bucks a year. So you can make that phone call. Thank you.

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