Should I Get Event Insurance? (Chesterland, OH)

Carlee – Hi, Barb. So you hear a lot about people purchasing event insurance for different events. Why might I be interested in that?

Barb – Well, you know, events are big activities and parties that get put together. So there’s a lot of thought, there’s a lot of time, there’s deposits put down. At, you know, locations, you might have an event planner that’s part of the package, whether it might be a wedding or conferences, parties, 50th anniversary, festivals, banquets, conventions, fundraisers. What you get with event insurance is a general liability as well as property damage and bodily injury. And what that protects you from is a couple of different things. It could be a slip in a fall. It could be stage issue, could be alcohol service or even cancellation service. So if you’re planning a big party, whether it’s a Saint Patrick’s Day or a wedding, you might wanna have a conversation with your agent to see if it’s something you should consider.

Carlee – Awesome. Thanks Barb.

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