Coverage for Specific Industries

Coverage for Specific Industries in Chesterland, Oh and surrounding areas
Specialized Protection for your Industry
Luczkowski Agency Insurance and Financial Services provides industry-specific insurance to businesses in Chesterland, Chardon, Newbury, Kirtland, Mayfield Heights, Willoughby, and surrounding areas.

Every industry has specific needs when it comes to insurance. Industry-specific risks make it impossible for insurance companies to lump together one insurance plan for every business. At Luczkowski Agency Insurance and Financial Services, we understand that being unique is what makes your business successful across the board. ThatÕs why we provide industry-specific insurance options for businesses of all types.

Check out the multitude of industries we cover at Luczkowski Agency Insurance and Financial Services:

Accounting firms
Alarm contractors
Contractors / specialty trade
Craft breweries
Educational facilities
Financial institutions
Healthcare facilities
Healthcare practices
Law firms
Life science
Limousine services
Maintenance contractors
Maritime employers
Media & advertising
Orthotics & prosthetics
Pools & spas
Printers & publishers
Railroad contractors & manufacturers
Real estate
School bus contractors
Scrap metal
Security guards
Self-storage facilities
Septic contractors
Technology services
Tow trucks & auto transporters
Water well driller

Transportation Insurance

Transportation Insurance in Chesterland, Oh and surrounding areas
Transportation insurance covers a wide array of business transportation needs. If you are in the transportation business, you understand the importance of having your vehicles in running condition and protecting yourself from losses caused by accidents and natural disasters. While some companies are in the transportation business, transportation is, for others, only a part of the overall picture of the business. Even companies with minimal transportation needs should invest in insuring both the goods they convey and the means of that conveyance.

Transportation Policy Features
Whether you ship goods by road, air, or sea, or are in the towing business, you need insurance for unexpected events that create problems for your business. The goods you transport could get damaged despite your efforts to pack them properly. Your vehicle could be involved in an accident through no fault of your own. And while the vehicle itself may be insured, that does not guarantee the contentsÑor materials you are shippingÑare covered.

So whether you have a fleet of vehicles or just one truck you use to haul items as a part of the whole business, the principle is the same. Adequate insurance allows you to continue business as usual if something bad happens.

Contact our office today and find out what we can do to help you with your transportation insurance needs. If you are an existing customer, we can review your policy to make sure you have complete coverage and your coverage is up to date. If you are a new customer, Luczkowski Agency Insurance and Financial Services can provide the transportation insurance coverage you need to protect your business.