How Does Towing Work? – Chesterland OH

Hi, agent Barb Luczkowski. So, I think I have a flat tire, and I need a tow. What do I do?

Well, you have a couple of options. The first thing is, if you can safely pull off to the side of the road so that you’re not blocking traffic and keeping yourself safe, that’s the first thing you want to do. Then you want to be able to assess where you’re at, but you should have your ID card in your car or maybe in your wallet, which will have the 800 number in for the claims department. The claims department has a towing division, which can arrange for a tow where you’re at. However, if the wait might be an hour, you also have the option to call a local tow company nearby, make arrangements with them, pay for that tow, get the receipt, and then submit it to your agent or your agent’s office. And then, in turn, we would submit it in for reimbursement, and you’ll get that cash within the next seven to 15 days.

Awesome. Thanks for the help.

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