How Can I Keep My Auto Insurance Costs Down With a Teen Driver? – Chesterland OH

Hi Barb, I have a new teenage driver on the road and it’s pricey. What can I do to keep the cost down of my auto insurance?

Barb Luczowski That’s a great question, Carly. We get that often as clients have their kids come up and become of aged and become drivers and everybody gets a little bit nervous. What’s it going to cost? Are they going to be safe? So we have a few different suggestions.
First, definitely go to the website and check out our seven tips for teen drivers. That’s one thing that you want to look at. And then you also want to take advantage of different programs that carriers offer. One of them is called Telematic. It’s a Telematic program. And that Telematic program can track their driving habits, not necessarily a GPS, but it can tell you about hard stops, fast starts, and the mileage that they’re using. And then you can review it together and then also have conversations and perhaps make them a little bit better driver because they’re more conscientious of it. Good Student is another thing. Many carriers offer the Good Student discount, 3.0 average or better. And you might want to consider buying them an older car versus a newer car because liability insurance is less expensive than full coverage on a new car. But great question. Keep them coming.

Thanks Barb.

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