If there is one thing we here at The Luczkowski Agency believe in, it’s that all dogs deserve to be loved and cared for, regardless of their health status, breed, or age. The sad reality remains that when people want to adopt a dog, they usually want a younger dog who likely has fewer health issues and a longer life span.

So, what happens to the older dogs that nobody wants to adopt? Dogs that were abandoned or had too many health issues for their previous owners to pay for? Dogs that had nowhere to go because their previous owner passed away? Since they have such a perceived ‘low value,’ few adoption centers will take these animals in, leaving them to be put in dog pounds, where they will be put down when no one comes to adopt them.

This does not sit well with us. That’s why, over this upcoming holiday season, we will be working with The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs right here in Cleveland to provide a safe home for elder dogs who have nowhere else to go. The Sanctuary takes care of these dogs until they find a permanent home with a loving family. And if they can’t find someone to adopt them, the dogs have a home at the Sanctuary for life.

For every recommendation you give to your friends, family, or co-workers to get a no-obligation insurance quote from us, we will donate $20 in your name to this wonderful organization! With your help, we can provide love to these sweet animals that truly need it.

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