A Small Act Can Save A Life

Mental health is at the forefront of concerns in today’s society as the impact of external stressors continues to overwhelm communities. In 2020, data showed a significant increase in mental health diagnoses, with more people experiencing depression, anxiety, and other significant mental concerns. Ohio slid from 11th to 25th in the group’s annual mental health rankings, meaning the situation dramatically worsened year-over-year. In other words, the need for a solution is substantial.

Our agency wants to make every effort to ensure no individual struggles to access the resources they need when they need it; however, we can’t do it alone. For this reason, we will dedicate our newest Cause Campaign to supporting lifesaving suicide prevention programs for Middle and High Schools through Life Act.

Over the years, we’ve seen suicide rise at an alarming rate, but little has been done to prevent these tragedies. LifeAct is a nonprofit organization that seeks to prevent teen suicide by educating youth to recognize depression and the warning signs of suicide and access help for themselves and their peers.

Since its inception in 2000, LifeAct has made incredible strides to positively impact its community by offering various programs and services to heal the hurting. The effectiveness of their services has reached students at over 175 schools in 14 counties across Ohio. This incredible success has helped better the lives of more than 280,000 students throughout our community.

When you recommend someone to us for a quote, we offer to donate $10 to organizations focused on raising food and money for food-insecure families in our community on your behalf. And yes, that is for EACH friend you send us. You do the math!

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