Are Annuities Safe? (Chesterland, OH)

Many investors want to know if annuities are safe or if they’re on par with other forms of investments like uh mutual funds or bonds, for example. But before I answer this question, I’ve got to remind you that all forms of investment carry some level of risk and there is no such thing as a perfectly safe uh risk free investment. Sorry. Now, that being said, annuities are generally considered to be a safer form of investment because of the income uh that they produce is guaranteed. However, this guarantee is only as safe as the company backing it up and no companies are entirely immune to shifts in the marketplace. It’s definitely uh a smart move to carefully consider the performance and the stability of the companies that you do business with, especially when it comes to your family’s investments. Oh, and remember before you commit yourself to uh an annuity of any kind, it is definitely best to schedule an appointment with your financial advisor to review your options.

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