Are Annuities A Good Investment? (Chesterland, OH)

Many folks we talked to that are looking to secure their financial future, want to know whether annuities are a good investment or if they should be just completely avoided altogether. The answer is that annuities like many investments are not good and they are not bad. They’re just kind of in the middle. So whether they are right for you or not, depends on your financial situation. All annuities work in essentially the same way you pay a large amount of cash upfront and then you receive a fixed stream of come over time. Now, if you’re thinking ahead about retirement, then a fixed income annuity that supplements Social Security might be really attractive to you uh for people who want to be a little bit more speculative, um annuities might seem a little bit too conservative. So as part of a comprehensive portfolio annuities can provide a level of stability that may not be possible with more market based investments, like say uh mutual funds, for example. So before making a final decision on whether or not an annuity is right for you and your family, what I suggest is you set aside some time to speak with your financial advisor. They’re gonna help you out.

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